The 10 Commandments of Relationships

The Most Important Ingredients to Your Success

I had the privilege of attending, and for two years serving as a pastor, at Journey Church in Norman, Oklahoma.  The founding, senior pastor of the church is Clark Mitchell. There are a ton of things I learned and gained from my time under his ministry and leadership. One lesson was “all blessings flow through […]

5 Misconceptions About Business Ownership

Fall for these and your business may fail

A few years ago I started my own training and development business.   Yup, I made the plunge into business ownership.  I had a lot of ideas about what owning my own business would be like.  Some were right and some were really wrong. I was recently reading “Guerrilla Marketing:  Job Escape Plan” by Jay […]

4 Reasons Your Leadership Style is Limiting Your Life

I hate waking up in the morning to workout! Recently, I woke up at 5:00 AM to get to the gym by 5:30 AM.  It was obviously still dark and I keep the lights off so I don’t wake up my wife.  I get dressed and off to the gym I go and arrive just […]

4 Reasons You are a Lousy Fighter

Yeah…you bet! I just called you out. You and I BOTH can be really lousy fighters. I am not talking about your good ole’ fashion, Ronda Rousey butt-kickin’. I am not talking about whether you win or lose. I am talking about what happens to the relationship and your credibility after the fight. The reality […]

Conversational Skills: 4 Reasons People Hate Talking to You

Like it our not, you are not always the most fun person to talk to! You don’t have good conversational skills. I know, that is a strong way to start this blog, but I am your friend and just want to share with you in care and candor. The fact is that you, like everyone […]

3 Keys to a Sound Strategic Plan

  A good strategic planning process includes three components. If your organization skips or poorly executes one of these components, it is unlikely to get results from its strategic plan. There are huge costs associated with an incomplete planning process:

10 Questions to Help you Reach Your Peak Performance

On Tuesday I posted about some of the critical errors we make when we are transitioning jobs. When I look back on the content of the blog I realize that we don’t have to be in a job transition to fall into those traps. Take this brief assessment and see if you are in danger […]

8 Traps That Can Derail a Career in the First 100 Days

According to the Society for Human Resources, 25 percent of the US population experiences a job transition every year. Unfortunately, many of these transitions are not successful. In fact, half of outside senior hires fail within 18 months.   This costs everyone! Don’t be a statistic. Following are eight traps that can derail a career in […]

Master these 7 Conversations to Increase your Influence

Do you ever wonder if you are as influential as you could be? Many leaders are one-trick ponies when it comes to influence. They use one approach in every situation. Sometimes this works, the same way a broken clock is right twice every day. However, by developing greater flexibility and range, you can be even […]