Speaking Events

Book Rennie for Your Next Event

Spending the last 20 years around conventions, association annual meetings and special events I have come to realize the importance a great keynote speaker is to your event.

In my role as a leader and coordinator of these types of events, I understand that not all speakers are the right “fit” for your event and that your event is too important to feel like you have to guess.

My hope is that this page is the beginning of a conversation.  I hope this page provides some basic information about the value I can add to your event as a speaker and how we can work together.

Thank you so much for considering me for your event…it is truly an honor.

What Can you Expect When Working with Me?

  1. Prompt, professional responses to your calls and emails.
  2. A personal phone consultation with me prior to your event to make sure he understands how to best serve you and your audience.
  3. If your event is open to the public, we will promote your event through our social media channels and blog.
  4. A professional, well-prepared, dynamic presentation that delivers the outcomes you want for your audience.
  5. Shared resources for you and your audience.  We will provide any slides used in the presentation, along with additional suggested resources that will assist in your continued learning and application of the content.
  6. Follow-up.  After the event, I want to have a quick conversation on how you feel the event went and if I met your expectations, and how I can improve.

A Little Bit More About Me…

I have been speaking in public for over 20 years.  I LOVE IT!  From high school students to business executives…from churches to corporate events…groups in the tens to groups in the thousands.

While I love all types and sizes of audiences…I don’t pretend to be an expert on all topics.  I specialize on the topics motivation and execution, leadership, management, team development and personal development.  I am able to take these topics and offer keynotes and training workshops.  I would love to learn more about your event and how we might work together to create an amazing event for your audience.


“Rennie Cook is an exceptional storyteller.  He covers thought provoking hot topics and knows how to keep his audience engaged.  Rennie’s keynote speech was funny, memorable and one I would be happy to watch again and again.” – Jennifer Lown, Vice President of Marketing, Oklahoma Employee’s Credit Union

“Rennie is an authentic leader with the ability to truly connect with clients one on one as well as via a large group setting.  He will make you think, grow and become a better leader.”  – Dr. Becky Barker, Director, Center of Leadership and Volunteerism, The University of Oklahoma

“Rennie Cook delivers high value content in an interactive and engaging format.  He challenges and inspires his audience to examine themselves and the people they are in contact with.  I promise, you will not regret attending one of Rennie’s presentations and you will come away with new ideas and thoughts on the topic.” – David Quirk, non-profit senior executive

“Rennie is a phenomenal speaker with a clear passion for challenging people to achieve their full potential.  His leadership insight and training will be an asset to any and everyone seriously seeking to become the best possible version of themselves.”  Mike Butler, Sr. Pastor, CrossPoint Church