Triumph Sales School

Learn Natural, Authentic, Conversational Sales Strategies


Sales is core to the function of any business.  The stress of poor sales can make it difficult to make payroll, acquire resources needed to grow the business, and cause stakeholders to seriously question the health of your organization.  The sleepless nights and stress this causes business leaders and executives, can take its toll very quickly on their professional and personal lives.

Sales training, coaching, and consulting provides people with a clear and compelling return on their investment.  In my own case, I directly helped a client achieve a 100% increase in sales after their team’s completion of the Triumph Sales 101 course…in only 30 days!

The Triumph Sales 101 Course consists of 13 modules.  These modules include:

  1. Introduction to the Slingshot System for Sales Success
  2. Why and How People Buy
  3. Prospecting Activities
  4. The Seven Rules of Connecting with the Prospect
  5. Questions That Qualify Whether the Opportunity is Real
  6. Engage the Prospect in Designing a Solution That They Will Buy
  7. Be Authentic and Earn Respect & The Salesperson as Negotiator
  8. Handling Price Sensitivity
  9. The Seven Best Closes and When to Use Them, Plus a Close NOT to Use
  10. Handling Objections with Finesse and Grace
  11. Setting Goals and Following up with Business Development
  12. Referral- and Relationship-Based Selling
  13. Limiting Perceptions and Selling Success

This program can be offered as a multi-day seminar , a weekly coaching/training program within an organization, or as a weekly training class.

The program is highly customizable for your business.  We can build into the program options for a set number of one-on-one coaching and role playing sessions, and a statistically valid selling effectiveness assessment tool.

Many business owners and professionals love what they do…except for the part where they have to sell. We can help them feel better about selling by making it more natural and authentic for them.

We can help them enjoy their work again, while making more money with less stress.

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