About Rennie Cook

Hi, my name is Rennie, and renniecook.com is where you find my blog for leaders, executives, board members and owners.  Thanks for taking the time to learn more…I am truly honored.  Read on to learn how my blog is designed to help you lead a life of not only success, but significance.

What is "A Trusted Adviser"?

“A Trusted Adviser” is someone you can count on.  For years I have had friends and family approach me about issues they are facing in life.

At work they feel like they are trapped and have no where to go.  They may feel like the revenue in their business is drastically underperforming.  They could also be struggling to get everyone to work together as a team and to champion the same vision.  Sometimes, they want to quit chasing their dream.

Personally, my friends and family are balancing life and a thousand different priorities.  They feel like they don’t have enough time and are missing out on the important things in life.  Their marriage is losing its romance and their kids are out of control.  They make more than enough money, but never seem to have enough.

Sometimes my friends and family are facing major life challenges and tragedy.  The death of a child.  Serious illness.  Bankruptcy.  Addiction.  Infidelity.

The bottom line is this:  Life is hard!  My friends and family need someone they can trust.  Someone they know who cares about them.  Someone who will keep their conversations confidential.  Someone who can provide sound guidance.

They need a trusted adviser.

Why do I blog?

In my work in personal and professional training and development, I get to share insights that I discover in my research and personal experiences.

I love to ask questions that challenge established paradigms and current ways of thinking.  I love to empower others by opening the windows of opportunity and options.

Finally, as a pragmatic, I enjoy simple solutions that can help make life easier and effective.

One of my mentors and friends, John Maxwell, has a simple life mission…to add value to others.

Fundamentally, I share this mission with this blog…to add value to YOU!

Who can my blog help?

We all want our lives to not only experience success, but significance.

We want to reach our goals and achieve our dreams, but more importantly we want all of our hard work and effort to matter.

This blog is for people who feel a hunger and importance in not only achieving big success in life, but rich significance.

This blog is for professionals who want to triumph in EVERY…ASPECT…OF…THEIR…LIFE.

Below are some of the topics I write about:

  • Business Success
  • Career Development
  • Family
  • Finances
  • Health & Wellness
  • Intentional Execution
  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Relationships
  • Renewed Thinking

Rennie Cook is a champion for professionals who seek to live a life of success and significance. Below he is pictured with wife Stacy and his beautiful daughters Ainsley (7) and Evie (4). They reside in Norman, Oklahoma. 

Rennie And Family
Rennie And Family Standing