4 Pre-Requisites to Chasing Your Dream Job

So you have determined that your idea for a “dream career” has sat on the shelf collecting dust long enough.  Oh…you have looked at it and longed for it regularly, but you are now ready to do something about it.

As they say, “you are sick and tired of being sick and tired.”

You are ready to take a journey toward you ideal career…your DREAM JOB!

Before you start on this journey, I want to remind you to pack these 4 items for your journey toward your dreams:

  1. A Clear Self-Definition:  Often when we decide to go after our dream career it is from a place of inflated or deflated ego.  You don’t want either.  A deflated ego is full of self-doubt and other self-limiting beliefs that will make the journey very difficult…like carrying unnecessary luggage.  An inflated ego may cause you to overlook and underestimate some of the essential steps on this journey…like not making sure you have the right equipment or plan for your journey.  You need an accurate, correct self-definition of who you are, what you are capable of accomplishing…and more importantly, what God says about you.
  2. A Full Fuel Tank:  This journey will take fuel.  Many times the routines we have become accustomed to have gotten us in a rut.  We may have forgotten what it is like to roll-up our sleeves, change things up and dig in to the work it takes to get to the top.  I would be willing to bet you have rolled up your sleeves before so I am confident you can do it again.  You just need to assess your season in life, decide what changes need to be made, and commit to doing what it takes.  If God has given you a vision, He will give you provision…which includes the strength to do your part.  Press into Him and He will sustain you!
  3. A Clear Picture of What’s Possible:  Pull out your vision…your picture of the ideal future.  Are there areas of your vision where you have hedged your bets?  Are there aspects of your vision where you have let the past dictate your future?  Have you invited God into the conversation and allowed Him to speak to your vision?  I would imagine that His vision is much greater for your career, and your life, than you might expect.  When we, alone, are the architects of our vision they are automatically incomplete.  But when we allow God to craft the vision it is complete, accurate and incredibly inspiring.  When was the last time you asked God to speak into your plans for your life…or better yet surrendered your plans for His?
  4. A Growth Plan:  This journey is going to change you.  It is going to change you because you have to change to be in this new place professionally.  I am always impressed by professional athletes who while at the peak of their performance continue to push themselves to improve.  They are practicing harder, trying new things, and always growing.  An attitude of growth and lifelong learning is required for the journey to your dream job.  Are you willing to learn something new?  Are you willing to try new things?  Are you willing to look outside the box?  There is a work that probably needs to happen inside you as well…are you open to His work in you so He can do new things through you?

You are not alone in the fears, hesitations and numerous questions that arise from these discussions.  It is scary, risky and dangerous business to chase your dreams and fight “comfortable.”  That is probably why most people don’t do it.

If “enough is enough” and you don’t want to spend another day settling let’s talk.  Contact me at [email protected] so we can schedule a time to chat about your dreams and what it will take for you to get there!  Your dreams are at least worth a conversation.