The Career of Your Dreams?

I have had several conversations lately with people looking for their dream job.  The reasons for the interest in career transitions is for another post, but the conversation is becoming quite regular.

I find it interesting that the conversation is not about finding a “job”, but specifically people are talking to me about their interest in finding their “dream job”.

That question runs deep within each of us.  I would argue that we all want to feel that we are doing work, everyday, that is both profitable and that we can be passionate about.

I know personally that I have had jobs that were neither, and that was extremely unfulfilling and stressful.  I have had jobs that were profitable, but lacked a sense of great meaning and progress.  And I have had jobs that I was passionate about, but just weren’t paying the bills.

I know that we all want careers that offer both passion and profitability.

Here are 3 things I think are critical in your search for your dream job:

  1. Your Dreams, Passions, and Aspirations:  These are not only the conversations of grade schoolers.  When was the last time you took time to reflect on what you really want “to be when you grow up?”  It is never too late to consider and answer this question.
  2. Your Talents & Skills:  There are a set of unique gifts and skills that you have been blessed with from birth and have developed throughout your life.  But don’t stop there.  What talents and skills could you further develop if you spent the time working on them?
  3. The Marketplace:  This is where the rubber hits the road.  Is there a market for your skills and talents.  If there isn’t, then you may have found a great hobby…or you may have to go to work creating a new market.  However, if you are going to land your dream job there has to be a market where those skills, talents and giftings can be offered.

You can find your dream job.  With the proper career development and execution of that plan, you can start working toward the job of your dreams.  Contact us at the Triumph Team at [email protected] for a free consultation on how we may help you find your dream job.