The Career Development Quiz

Your career…is yours! It is your responsibility.

Sure, there are factors outside of your control that affect your career path.

However, the most influential factor in your career development is you!

Here are 17 questions that will help you gauge your current career satisfaction.  Answer each question with a “Yes”, “So-So” or “No”:

  1. I feel satisfied.
  2. I feel appreciated.
  3. I feel respected.
  4. I have enough autonomy.
  5. I am making a difference.
  6. My political standing is powerful enough that my job is secure.
  7. I have enough variety.
  8. I have opportunities to keep learning and developing.
  9. My life and work are in balance.
  10. I feel aligned with the values of my organization.
  11. I respect and admire my colleagues.
  12. I respect and admire my manager(s).
  13. My work lets me express myself.
  14. My current career is close to my dream career.
  15. When I am at work, I feel energized.
  16. I don’t see any other, better career opportunities.
  17. I am not burning out.

If you answered “So-So” or “No” to more than 5 of the above questions, I want to challenge you to take responsibility for your career.

You can do something to make your career path better.

We can help develop a plan to get you where you want to go professionally.

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