4 Reasons You are a Lousy Fighter

Yeah…you bet! I just called you out. You and I BOTH can be really lousy fighters.

I am not talking about your good ole’ fashion, Ronda Rousey butt-kickin’. I am not talking about whether you win or lose. I am talking about what happens to the relationship and your credibility after the fight. The reality is you can win the fight, but at what cost?

Here are 4 reasons why you are losing because of how you fight:

  1. As soon as you see a sign of conflict you are on the attack! You can be quick to lose your cool, become very intense, and even get forceful and bossy.
  2. If the bus is coming, you are quick to throw others under it. Your first reaction to conflict is to direct it away from you and onto others.
  1. You are just plain passive…you are what my wife would call a “wussy”. You see conflict coming and you are already agreeing to things you haven’t even heard about yet.
  1. You won’t let it go! The conflict is over and you are still criticizing and contemplating the “fight”. You get worrisome on how it panned out. You are negative about the process. Most importantly, you don’t have the peace of mind to move on after it is over.

The truth is fighting or conflict is an inevitable part of life. Actually I would argue that it is an important part of relationships.

The question is whether it is a catalyst or a cancer in your relationship. Conflict can help your relationship(s) grow and mature to greater levels of connection, care, and trust. Or it can be a cancer that slowly, or quickly, eats away and destroys a healthy relationship.

It is not the existence of conflict that is important. It is how you handle it.

Which of these 4 reasons do you most identify with your conflict resolution style?

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– RC