Sales Word Cloud

Before I learned and personalized these seven steps, I felt stuck in my sales.

I didn’t know who to talk to.  I didn’t know what to say to them…and then what to say to them next…and God forbid ask for their business.

It was really embarrassing to think that I was a business owner and had not idea how to sell and no sales training.

What I have learned is that I am not the only business owner or professional who never learned how to properly sell.

Now, I have read the books that give you scripts, tricks, and slimy tips that assure you record-breaking sales.

Tactics like “Get your prospect saying ‘yes’ three times in a row and then ask for business.

Really?  That is how we are supposed to sell our services and products and be able to look ourselves in the mirror?

It sounds so ridiculous…assumes our prospects are complete idiots…and makes me feel like I need to take a shower because I have become one of “those” sales people.

There is a better way…an easier way…a more respectable way to increase your sales confidence and ultimately your sales numbers.  It begins with understanding the 7 Indisputable Steps of Sales:

  1. Prospecting – identifying people who might need your products/services
  2. Building Rapport – developing a authentic, genuine respectful professional relationship
  3. Qualifying – understanding their need, ability to buy, timeline and value they seek
  4. Educating – sharing the logical and emotion value of your product/service
  5. Overcoming – voiced or unvoiced, helping your prospect remove barriers
  6. Closing – asking for the business
  7. Stewarding – taking care of the client through fulfillment and after the close of the sale

These logical, easy to follow-steps work.

They are natural and not manipulative.

They work for high-price tag sales and philanthropic efforts.

They work for short sales processes and long sales processes.

They just work.

In the Triumph Sales School we use these 7 steps as the backbone of a complete system that we customize to your industry, business, and personal style.

If your sales are slumping and maybe feel a little skittish, consider where you might be missing a step that is causing you and your sales to stumble