The Adventure Called Life and How to Truly Live It

We are all on this amazing adventure called life, in search of who we are and our purpose. Today, i’ve asked my friend Sean to discuss how we truly live this life of ours. Enjoy!

– RC

The Adventure Called Life and How to Truly Live it 

Ever since the movie The Bucket List in 2007 people have been creating their own list and wondering how do I truly live life. Mark Twain once said the most important days in a person’s life are the day they are born and the day they discover why. There are questions that haunt all of us through our lives. Why am I here, why was I born, do I matter? I believe the answer to all of these questions is yes. How do we discover the answers? Where I do like Mark Twain’s statement and believe that those are two very important days, I also believe that if we are going to discover why we are here we are going to have to ask a deeper question, you might say a bigger question. The question that will take us on a journey of discovery and that question is, who am I?

What I’ve discovered in sixteen years of working with people is that most people have an identity crisis. What holds them back from living their dreams, making a significant impact and doing something monumental with their life is they don’t know who they are. That is one thing I really loved about Mother Theresa, she made a tremendous impact and it started because she knew who she was, what she was about. Her strengths, her fears, her passions and it led her on a journey of discovery.

Here’s the cool part, once you know who you are, you don’t care what other people think because you know what you’re about. Too many of us have been living a life for other people. Sometimes we don’t even realize it. We’ve had some life experiences that made us feel a certain way about ourselves or someone has said something about us. It’s altered the realistic perception of who we are. So our perception has become foggy and we start to wear a mask. We start to act, do and say things that we think we are suppose to and the problem with that is we lose who we truly are. We are all unique. We have gifts and talents given to us by God and we are supposed to release them into this world. That comes from embracing the process of growing into the greatness within us. If we truly want to live our life fully, if we want to squeeze every drop out of life and what it has to offer we must start with asking the very simple but powerful question, who am I?

That question is going to force you to discover what your fears are and face them, to discover what your passions are and to develop your gifts and talents so you can release them into the world.

We must understand that life was meant to be an adventure. It was not meant to be a game. We play games with life, with people, and we play games with ourselves. That’s not the way life was designed to be. See a game is fun but it’s not fulfilling.  We want a life that fulfilling, an adventure. So here are a few steps to help you create and live that adventure in 2015.

Step 1 Get real. No more playing the game. No more wearing a mask and being someone you’re truly not. If you don’t even know who you are anymore that’s ok. You’ll discover who you are pretty quick when you start to get real. Look in the mirror and ask who am I? What am I scared of? What am I passionate about? What do I love? Be authentic. One of the keys to having influence and doing something monumental with your life is to find authenticity.

Step 2 Get a growth plan. Get a plan and work it every day. Get healthy. Read books that stretch you. Spend time with people who build you up not tear you down.

Step 3 Celebrate the small victories. A big mistake people make is not to celebrate the small victories as they are growing. This builds confidence, momentum and creates consistency.

It’s your time! It’s your year! Go for it!

Sean Abbananto is a speaker and entrepreneur from Oklahoma City, Okla., Sean speaks for organizations igniting employee engagement and creating a culture of success. You can find out more about Sean at